As we anticipate the opportunity to return to Sunday School, you will find a new check-in system for our Sunday morning Children's Bible study groups. This new system will enable you to check your children in, receive a printed nametag, add allergy information, and identify individuals who are approved to pick up your child.

In transitioning to this new system, we are requesting that you help us by updating your information.  We invite you to begin that process now, using the link below. Your information is only available to KIBC office staff.

Upon resuming our Children's Sunday Bible Study groups, you will be ready to check your children in easily.  Because you have updated your information, it will be simple to enter a phone number at one of the check-in stations.
Update your child's information in advance. (Click the button below to go to the registration link.)
Use your phone number at one of the check-in stations to print your child's nametag.
▪️   Recognizes your child's Bible study group and location
▪️   Identifies trusted individuals who may pick up your child
▪️   Points out allergy information
▪️   Improves security and safety of our KIBC kids
1.  When will KIBC resume in-the-building Children’s Sunday Bible Study?

Due to current government restrictions regarding Covid-19, our in-house capacity is limited to 30%.  We will NOT resume in-person small groups until that number increases to 50%.
2.  How often must I fill in the online document with my child’s information?

Update your child’s information ONCE.  Thereafter, you may edit any recorded information as the need arises.
3.  How easy is it to check my child in each week for Bible study?  

It is so simple! Input your phone number at one of our check-in stations, which checks your child in, and then immediately prints a nametag.  
4.  Who has access to this personal information?  

Only the KIBC Office staff sees this.

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