"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." // Matthew 6:21

Why do we give?

God is generous and so He calls us to be as well.  What we do with what God has given us shows the world where our hearts are at and helps proclaim the gospel. We want to glorify God with every area of our lives, and that includes what we do with our finances.

Offerings and tithes may be given to KIBC on Sunday mornings using the offering bags passed in worship services.  (Checks should be made payable to: “Kowloon International Baptist Church” and can be placed in the offering bag or mailed to the church office.)  KIBC will issue official receipts to you for HK tax-deduction purposes at the end of the financial year (April).

Ways To Give

Regular Giving to KIBC through Auto-pay by Bank

If you would like to give an offering to KIBC regularly (i.e. weekly or monthly) through auto-pay, you can arrange with your bank in Hong Kong for a “Standing Instruction” to transfer money from your bank account to the KIBC bank account as follows:
Account Name: Kowloon International Baptist Church
HSBC Account No.: 546-5-013034
After setting up the Standing Instruction with your bank, please inform the church office of the details for the church’s records, including:
  1. Your full name
  2. Transfer amount
  3. First transfer date 
  4. Transfer monthly or weekly? 
If you want to contribute a one-off offering through bank transfer, please follow the above instructions, and inform the church office accordingly.
KIBC will issue official receipts to you for tax-deduction purposes at the end of the financial year (April).
Should you have further questions, please feel free to contact the church office at +852 2337 2555 or

Online Giving to KIBC
(for overseas donors)

Give safely and confidentially to KIBC’s various ministries using PayPal (for overseas donors).
IMPORTANT NOTE 1: If you choose to donate to KIBC through PayPal, there is no US tax exemption available.  
IMPORTANT NOTE 2: Please be aware that KIBC must pay a fee of 3-4% for each transaction.  (That is, if you donate $1,000 through PayPal, KIBC receives only $960.) For local (Hong Kong) donors, please consider using other channels of giving, such as cash, cheque, bank transfer, FPS, standing instruction, etc. Thank you. 

Giving from Overseas (with US tax exemption)

For those who desire to give a US tax deductible financial contribution to KIBC (by either check or credit card), this must be routed through Friends of Hong Kong Charities, Inc., which can receive funds and checks in HK dollars and/or US dollars on behalf of KIBC. (FOHKC is a registered charity in both the US and in HK that accepts donations on behalf of various organizations and churches, such as KIBC. Thus, contributions are tax deductible in both the US and HK.)
Donors make their US or HK checks out to “Friends of Hong Kong Charities Inc” and give the checks to KIBC (either deliver to the KIBC church office, mail it to the church office, or drop it into the offering bag during worship). KIBC will send the checks to FOHKC, and FOHKC will deposit the checks and reissue a check to KIBC. A tax receipt will be sent to donors quarterly. All funds will go to KIBC (minus the HK banking charge for US checks).  
For further information, or to donate via credit card, visit the FOHK website:

Financial Practices of KIBC

The church finance committee prepares the annual budget for the church. The proposed budget is then reviewed by the deacons who, under Hong Kong law, are the directors of the church. The church body then votes on the budget. The church accountants review the monthly expenditures. No check is signed by any ministerial staff and every payment carries two signatures. Whether money is given to the church budget, mission endeavors, building fund or for some other purpose, the personnel of the church office are diligent to place any gifts according to the wishes of the donor. If that cannot be done, the donor will be immediately contacted for further instruction.

Kowloon International Baptist Church cooperates with the Baptist Convention of Hong Kong, and partners with the Baptist World Alliance. All expenditures of the church flow from the contributions of members and friends. No mission organization or convention contributes to the budget of KIBC.